Springs in the Desert


There are days when human comfort falls short, when kind words offer no solace. A night with the best of friends still ends with them going home to husbands while your own bed is empty.  People visit you while your body is weak, but soon after, they work and play while you cannot. There are those who mourn with you, but they’ll be laughing before the day ends, while genuine laughter seems like a mirage in the distance from your heart.

And these are the days we hate, because we feel so bankrupt in a world of abundance. Every comfort is fleeting, every word hollow. The world keeps spinning while ours has unraveled and come to an abrupt stop. It all feels so empty. We wonder how many times we went home to a full bed, a rowdy house, laughing so soon after a devastating loss, thoughtlessly playing with kids after interacting with someone who couldn’t. We know that the world must go on. We do not wish our sorrows on anyone, but that doesn’t keep it from hurting when we’re the ones left behind. How many times did my world keep spinning while someone else’s was came to a screeching halt?

Human love and comfort is an embodiment of a Greater Love. As a reflection, it heals, warms, comforts, adds meaning and joy to life, but it falls short. It must.

These days I hate so much are gifts. Help me to see it, Holy Spirit! Thank you for these days, because they teach me how often I run to people and other things for comfort. How often have I run in my thirst to dirty cisterns, instead of the Fountain of Life and not realized it? I was satiated enough, it seemed. Here at the bottom, all those other cisterns of water are seen for what they are- containers. The best of them hold clean water, but can never be the source, the Spring of Living Waters. They share. I drink, but they’ll always run dry. They’ll always run dry.

How often have I missed it? Help me never miss it again.

Help me always to know that, on my best day, I’m just a container, not the source. I can’t fix it. I can only pour You out to be filled again.

Help me never forget that those around me can only be gifts from you, never the Source. I need Your grace to always, only run to You first. Make it the habit of my heart. Remind me when I forget.

Thank You, Father, for all the clay pots. Thank You for their generous hearts to share what they have with me. That’s the best any of us can do. It takes courage to pour out what they have when they’re aware of their own limits. Fill us all, Lord.

Thank You, most of all, for showing us that these days when all human comforts fall short are invitations. Divine Love beckons us nearer. We weren’t made to sip from a glass, we were made to swim in the Depths of Your Love. We are thirsty, because there is something deeper, wider, purer. This thirst can be quenched, but only by One. You alone are the Balm of Gilead and the salve for our own frail hearts, bodies and minds.  You have not failed us. You will not fail us. We can drink deeply and know there is no end to this Fount. The more we drink, the more nothing else will satisfy. That’s a good thing.

Drink deeply, beloved. He will be your Stream in this desert, your Fountain in this wasteland. Seek Him alone, for only He can make all things new.



I’m reminded of this song by Rita Springer.  It’s an old song, but it still rings true in my heart.  I pray that if you’re in this place, it will minister to you as much as it has to me.


“Jesus answered and said to her, “Everyone who drinks of this water will thirst again; but whoever drinks of the water that I will give him shall never thirst; but the water that I will give him will become in him a well of water springing up to eternal life.””
‭‭John‬ ‭4:13-14‬ ‭NASB‬‬

“Say to those with anxious heart, “Take courage, fear not. Behold, your God will come with vengeance; The recompense of God will come, But He will save you.” Then the eyes of the blind will be opened And the ears of the deaf will be unstopped. Then the lame will leap like a deer, And the tongue of the mute will shout for joy. For waters will break forth in the wilderness And streams in the Arabah. The scorched land will become a pool And the thirsty ground springs of water; In the haunt of jackals, its resting place, Grass becomes reeds and rushes. A highway will be there, a roadway, And it will be called the Highway of Holiness. The unclean will not travel on it, But it will be for him who walks that way, And fools will not wander on it. No lion will be there, Nor will any vicious beast go up on it; These will not be found there. But the redeemed will walk there, And the ransomed of the LORD will return And come with joyful shouting to Zion, With everlasting joy upon their heads. They will find gladness and joy, And sorrow and sighing will flee away.”
‭‭Isaiah‬ ‭35:4-10‬ ‭NASB‬‬

“and He (God) will wipe away every tear from their eyes; and there will no longer be any death; there will no longer be any mourning, or crying, or pain; the first things have passed away.” And He who sits on the throne said, “Behold, I am making all things new.” And He said, “Write, for these words are faithful and true.””
‭‭Revelation‬ ‭21:4-5‬ ‭NASB

“For My people have committed two evils: They have forsaken Me, The fountain of living waters, To hew for themselves cisterns, Broken cisterns That can hold no water.”
‭‭Jeremiah‬ ‭2:13‬ ‭NASB‬‬

Photo credit- Lisa Song‬‬

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